Per noi KISS (Keep it simple and stupid !)

24 Nov

At the risk of appearing traditional we refer to a phrase well used during the 1970s: keep it simple. In the complex and sophisticated environment in which we live and work today this may appear irrelevant, but it can often be just what is needed. Clearly the resources of the 21st century can offer complexity, but customer offerings should still be easy to position and execute. This is particularly important when presenting products through technology and specifically to Boomers and those older. Boomers who embrace technology have a tendency to blame themselves and lose confidence if things do not go according to plan and will easily walk away. Simplicity and delivery coupled with consistency breed loyalty. This is why if retailers, for example, do a great job — such as the main online brands —we always buy from them. Products are simple to find, descriptions are accurate and ordering and delivery are easy and flexible. Technology needs to be understandable by all and without fuss or too much effort. The same is true for hotel websites and reservation systems. We recently dealt with a utilities company that required registration on a website. The process was so complicated it required high-tech experience to complete. Then we came across an organization that was so focused on domestic 800 numbers it had no means of receiving international direct calls and could only transact overseas business via email. This was topped by a well-known high-end restaurant chain that introduced such technical processes into its operation that it seemed like a computer showroom and did not deliver customer service. Our point is not to criticize technology — in fact, quite the opposite. The issue is that we should embrace it more fully and at the same time always have the customer in focus. Above all, keep it simple!

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