La musica usata correttamente sviluppa customer satisfaction !

27 Gen

Riprendo una importante riflessione da sull’uso della musica nei punti vendita e negli alberghi !

Now that the sounds of the holiday season have subsided and we are no longer assaulted by tin tunes wafting passed us in every store, shopping center, pub and lobby, I felt reminded of the effects of music on consumers. There are three decades of substantial science that has evolved in the academic literature about the effects of music, on the shopping behavior of consumers. Today, there are studies about the effects of music on all sorts of consumer purchase decisions in environments such as wine retailing and supermarketing to clothing stores and restaurants among others. This science of atmospherics including music, scent, and the overall aesthetic context of consumption has demonstrated significant effects on customer satisfaction in hospitality purchases, both lodging as well as food and beverage. Are we hiring sound designers who understand hospitality as well as our mix of customers, travel purposes, revenue generation? So many new hotel brands have associated themselves with a music theme (presumably to attract Millennials, Aloft by Starwood is the first to come to mind). Is this a means of using music in the same retail manner? Do you consider the music of the restaurant, hotel lobby, or shop carefully or we tuning it out with earbuds?

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